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Shanghai Oujing Aquafish Breeding Farm

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Ship only really healthy fish. 

Ship in fresh clear aquarium water. Not in tap water.

Most bags used to ship fish are not the right type of bags. We use special bags designed for shipping live fish.  When you get your fish from us, look carefully at the bag and the metal clip that seals the bag, and you'll see that we use special bags. 

We have several different sizes of bags, and we pack each fish in the right size bag for that fish.

Put about 25% aquarium water in the bag.

Usually we fill the rest of the bag with pure oxygen.

We single bag many of the fish. One fish to a bag. 

The corners of the bags are crimped, so the fish won't get caught in the corners. 

Seal the bag with about 1 or 2 inches of slack. 

Put the first bag in a second bag in case the first bag leaks. 

Ship inside a corrugated cardboard carton with a Styro Foam liner inside the carton to protect the fish from rapid changes in temperature. 

Be sure the fish are in complete darkness during shipment. 

Give the person receiving the fish information about how to prepare to receive and acclimate the fish.