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Shanghai Oujing Aquafish Breeding Farm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your farm a registered and established farm?

Our farm started breeding goldfish and tropical fish on Augest 1998, and started to export business from 2002.

What is the minimum order quantity and what is the most economical way in term of freight cost saving?

We have MOQ request, the minimum quantity are 10 boxes every shipment.
The most economical freight cost is 10 boxes with at least 110kgs and above.

What is the company policy in dealing with fish death on arrival (DOA)?

We guarantee live on arrival. In the case of DOA, we request 24 hrs notification upon arrival by either phone call, fax, or email. Pictures of affected fish is compulsory. Upon the verification by us, similar or better quality or same value of fish will be replaced in the next shipment. We do not bear all freight charges.

Are all the quoted prices negotiable?

We publish the lowest price as we could, therefore it shall be fixed price. Further Discounts subject to order size.

What is your price structure on Importer (Wholesaler)?

All prices are at wholesale basis, as it is very much cheaper on freight cost for large order shipment. Furthermore, we offer discount for larger order.

How long it takes to deliver to destination?

For China Customers,
It takes no longer than hours 24hrs to be delivered to your door step, by road. For details, please go to
Freight & Delivery

For International Customers.
It depends on your destination airport. For Asia, it takes only 24hrs. For other countrys, it takes not more than 48hours.

From the day I make payment, how long will I expect to receive the fish?

For International Customers.
We deliver fish within 7 work days after receiving payment (5 days fish quarantin & Flight advance booking & export application + Flight duration)

Who pay the freight costs?

Our prices are based on FOB Shanghai term. If the importers don't know the flight from Shanghai to their City, we can help to find forwarders. Can do business on the term of C&F.

Do I have to pay for other (hidden) costs beside what stated in Freight & Delivery?

All the cost to the importers only includes: prices of fish; 7 usd packing cost per box; the freight cost.

I'm a hobbyist, could you deliver to my home, even I order 1 fish?

For China, we can deliver to your home, Elsewhere, we could only deliver to your nearest airport. And we have MOQ request.

What is the currency in use?

We trade in RMB, USD and EUR

What is the ordering procedure?

1. We receive your inquiry by email, phone call, or fax;

2. We send you a copy of quotation indicating fish prices, sizes, & stock available;

3. Customer finalized the order;

4. We work up the final amount plus freight cost;

5. Customer make advance payment through bank wire transfer to our company account;

6. Upon receiving payment, we will book the flight in accordance to customers prefer arrival dates. And we will notify the flight details.

7. Meanwhile, we will send / fax you a copy of each document below:

i) Fish Health Certificate(s)
ii) Air Way Bill, AWB
iii) Shipping Invoice
iv) Packing List

8. You will receive the shipment on time.

I never import live fish; please advise me what are the requirements?

We take care the delivery from Shanghai airport to your destination airport. From your airport to your doorstep, you'll need a local forwarding agent to do the custom clearance for you. Below are the conditions that you required for import:

1. Fish Health Certificate (We will provide for your custom requirements)

2. AWB details (We will provide for your custom requirements)

3. Export Custom Form (We will provide for your custom requirements)

4. Invoice & packing list (We will provide for your custom requirements)

5. Import permit (Your appointed forwarding agent)

6. Custom Clearance at your destination airport (Your appointed forwarding agent).

Will I get the fish far out of my expectation in term of quality?

No! All photos enclosed in our quotation are real. What you see is what you get.

Are your fishes healthy?

We WILL NOT send unhealthy fishes. In the case of any of your order fish fall sick e.g., white spot, etc, we will notify you and will ask if you wish to replace with other similar fish.